• SPECIAL $1280 (excludes transducer)
  • 5.7" Sunlight viewable display
  • 600 Watt  50/200kHz
  • Koden Digital Filtering

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ESR-140MkII 10.4-inch Color LCD Sonar

Mountable even on a small boat. Compact in size, low in price, and high in quality.


  • Available frequencies: 180 kHz, 200 kHz or 220 kHz
  • Brilliant, excellent visibility, compact and light weight color LCD permits flexible installation
  • Highest-class speed beam scan in searchlight system results in reduction of detecting time and prevention of search failure for efficient fish finding operation
  • Ring marker and cross cursor provide accurate distance measurement to a target
  • Stabilizing function automatically rectifies the direction of transducer swayed by pitching and rolling movement of the boat
  • Target lock function on fish school can help to increase fish catches
  • Hoist/lower unit is automatically loaded to prevent damages when the boat travels faster than the preset speed
  • VGA output for an external monitor is available
  • Remote controller, Audio kit and speaker are available as option

Main Specifications

  • ESR-140MkII Sonar
  • Output power 800 W
  • Output frequency 180 kHz or 200 kHz or 220 kHz