• SPECIAL $1280 (excludes transducer)
  • 5.7" Sunlight viewable display
  • 600 Watt ¬†50/200kHz
  • Koden Digital Filtering

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Waypoint Electronics
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New Zealand
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Product Information

Extremely easy setup with our USB interface and built in GPS, SkyEye receives live pictures direct from Low Earth Orbiting satellites several times a day. These images are free and not available on the internet. Receives crisp and detailed high quality pictures. Accurate coastline overlay on all pictures Picks up weather photos of your local area wherever you are in the world Thermal readout/image coloring and more. Integrated ephemeris update via the Internet or via floppy disk Wind arrow overlay via small Internet download via iridium or other wireless network. Integrated Ocean depth land elevation display All hardware you need in one package