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Koden Electronics was founded in 1947, two years after World War II, by Yoji Ito, Doctor of Engineering, whose position was pivotal at the Naval Technical Research Department as a captain of the former Japanese Imperial Navy, with his hope to make a peaceful contribution in superb technologies cultivated in his naval days to the world.

For Japan and its people, this new era was a restart from "nothing". The whole country was suffering from shortages in practically everything, and the most crucial of all, obviously, was the shortage of food.

Koden's unique radio direction finders were welcomed as an epoch-making modern equipment enabling an increased catch, at the same time providing safer navigation. It spread quickly through the fishing industry and beyond. It is said that this equipment has made a considerable contribution to the modernization of the Japanese fishing industry.

A great number of researchers and engineers gathered in pursuit of room for free research and development around the founder and president of the company who had studied in Germany in his young days, bringing about a lot of creative products.

 Development of Marine Electronics Products

Koden introduced persistent technical innovation, such as transistors, integrated circuits, computers, and color visualization, into its products ahead of competitors, releasing a large number of epoch-making products one after another on the market. These products include CRT-type automatic radio direction finder; Japan’s first, all-Japanese made, Loran A receiver; synchronized sonar; the world-first color echo sounder and marine color radar; and Loran C receiver which achieved domination of the Japanese market as well as the U.S. market.

Koden's products are also highly evaluated in the seas of the world.

The company has received many national and public grants as well as medals and citations for its outstanding achievement. Koden's radar was the first marine electronics product to be given "G-Mark" certificate for good design in Japan.

In addition, Koden had been developing GPS devices for marine use even before the full number of satellites were launched into orbit.

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