KODEN Transducer switcher JB-38


JB38 Transducer Switching Unit

NEW JB38 upgrade option

Now you can UPGRADE to the latest CVS128B broadband digital sounder or the larger CVS1410B broadband digital echo sounder using your existing transducers. Koden’s Transducer Switching Unit Option, the JB38, offers you the flexibility of choice when its time to upgrade.

We can help you determine the appropriate solution for your boat and circumstances. Call or email us for the name of your closest Koden technical dealer.


Key Features

  • Retrofit your fish finder to the high performance digital finder
  • Replace the display unit and option JB38 unit
  • Retrofit to CVS1410B broadband digital sounder at a lower overall cost — some savings for no transducer costs and dry dock
  • JB38 enables you to use 2 frequencies with 2 existing transducers

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