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10.4″ Colour LCD Broadband Digital Echo Sounder CVS 1410B


Koden digital broadband sounders use a broadband transducer that has sharper directive angle characteristics with almost no side robe when compared with conventional transducer

CVS-1410B/TDM-091D Broadband Sounder: 10.4″ 2kW + tx 42-65  &  130-210kHz


Key Features

  • Two types of broadband transducer are available for the CVS1410B – to suit your requirements
    two selectable frequencies can be set and changed during use within the ranges offering extraordinary maneuverability
  • Interference with other echo sounders can be avoided by adjusting frequencies
    Koden Digital Filtering (KDF™) technology has enabled low noise, high resolution and outstanding distance detection
  • separate LF Gain and HF Gain knobs-adjust independently
    split screen either vertically or horizontally with zoom
  • Zoom ranges: 2.5 to 200 meters, 10 to 650 ft;
    Shift step: 1m  10m  1/8  1/4
  • Auto functions – range, shift TVG
  • NMEA input/output port: 1 (input/output1)
  • Bright & rich colour tones available 64, 16, 8 or monochrome

Main Specifications

Main functions Zoom, Auto, A-scope,Presentation colors: 64, 16, 8 colors,Detection area display, Store image, Fishing Hot Spot, Sona-Tone, Fish information, External trigger

Basic range 2.5 to 2000 Meter, 10 to 6000 Feet, 2.5 to 1100 Fathom / Italian Fathom

Output power (RMS) 2 kW

Transducer (1) TDM-071
(2) TDM-091D

Output frequency (1) 38 to 75 kHz
(2) 42 to 65 kHz and 130 to 210 kHz

Water protection IPX5

Dimensions 333(H) x 364(W) x 175(D) mm

Weight 7.5 kg

Power supply 10.8 to 31.2 VDC

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