12.1″ Commercial FISH FINDER CVS702D 

Koden’s NEW  CVS702D digital fishfinder sounder with 12.1″ colour LCD screen is a single or dual frequency echo sounder with a wide range of power outputs and frequencies depending on the paired transducer.

3kW   28/40/50/75 kHz   (1kW    200kHz)
5kW   28/50 & 75kHz       (1kW    200kHz)

Koden Digital Filtering KDF™
The CVS702D digital echo sounder is optimised for deep water and features extremely high resolution, low noise and a bright clear screen with Koden Digital Filtering (KDF™), and faster update rate for increased performance in shallow water.
Detect fish close to the bottom at depth never before possible with the high frequency transducer.

Auto Function
Designed to plug in and display, the Auto Function mode automatically selects optimum Gain, Range and Shift.  This eliminates tedious settings so the user can just plug in and fish with confidence. Even a novice user can achieve professional results by letting the CVS-702D pick the optimal settings for Range, Shift, TVG and Transducer power.

Fish Target Size
With the new digital technology, the echo sounders can display on the screen the approximate size of the fish targets down below.

Detection Area Display
Detection area display – know exactly the bottom area covered by the low and high frequency sound beams. This can help target the fish directly under the boat or off to the side

Fishing Hot Spots
When connected to an optional GPS, Fishing Hot Spot leads you back to your favourite fishing spots or other previously saved positions stored in the memory.

The NEW CVS-702D series is the best suited echo sounder for professional boats.

High Power Digital Echo Sounder series includes  CVS702D/705D/707D
The choice of 12.1 inch; 15 inch or 17 inch colour LCD Echo Sounder



Key Features

12.1″ colour LCD display with choice of screen displays
1kW   3kW  or 5kW output
Dual frequency with a wide range of frequencies
Exclusive Sona-Tone™  that identifies what is under your boat with different sounds for fish and schools of fish

Image storage facility
Easy to Use

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