15″ Digital COLOUR LCD FISH FINDER CVS705D  High Power

Koden’s NEW CVS705D digital fishfinder sounder is a single or dual frequency echo sounder with a wide range of power outputs dependent upon the paired transducer.

The CVS705D is optimised for deep water and features extremely high resolution, low noise and a bright clear screen with Koden Digital Filtering (KDF™), and faster update rate for increased performance in shallow water.
Detect fish close to the bottom at depth never before possible with the high frequency transducer.

The NEW CVS-705D is the best suited echo sounder for professional boats and features display unit ESD-210

High Power DIGITAL  Echo Sounder range:
Available as  12.1 inch; 15 inch or 17 inch colour LCD Echo Sounder

The Auto Function on this sounder takes the guesswork out of operating the sounder. Even a novice user can achieve professional results by letting the CVS-705D pick the optimal settings for Range, Shift, TVG and Transducer power.

Key Features

  • Detection area display – know exactly the bottom area covered by the low and high frequency sound beams. This can help target the fish directly under the boat or off to the side.
  • Exclusive Sona-Tone™ identifies what is under your boat with different sounds for fish and schools of fish.


Main Specs

Dual Frequency
Power Output: 3kW or 5kW
IPX5 Water protection  (operation unit)
Basic range of  1 metre  to 3,000 metres  (8 ranges can be set to users choice)
Main Functions: area display, store image, fishing hot spot, Sona-Tone™ Fish information, External trigger

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