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15″ Colour LCD Echosounder  Broadband

World’s first simultaneous and variable quad frequency sounder


Key Features

  • Four selectable frequencies in 0.1 kHz step by using dedicated transducer
  • Six condition memory keys for your preferred settings
  • Extremely high resolution and low noise
  • CVS-FX2BB Black Box echo sounder connects to any XGA type display.
  • Output Power: 3 kW
  • Dedicated Transducer:
    TDM-052   (Output frequency of trans: 38-75kHz and 130 to 210kHz)
    TDM-062   (Output frequency of trans:  38-75kHz and 85 to 135kHz)
  • Selectable Frequency Range: 24 to 240 kHz 0.1Hz step
  • Output method:  simultaneous or alternate

Power supply:  21.6  to 31.2 VDC)

  • Power consumption: 70W or less (24VDC) and CVS-FX2BB is 50W or less (24VDC)
    Water protection:   IPX5 (Display unit, Operation unit)
  • Functions include: Interference rejection, colour rejection, VRM, noise reduction, White line, Draft correct, water temperature correct, boat speed correct, store up to 500 images, Sona Tone™,  Fishing Hot Spot, Event Memory, Simple Plotter and heaving compensation (view brochure for full details)
  • Presentation modes:
    High frequency, low frequency,  1 to 4 frequency, Zoom Image(bottom lock, bottom discrimination, bottom zoom, Zoom, bottom follow zoom) Nav Mode, Vertical Split, Horizontal Split, Mix 

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