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The NEW Koden CVS-872D 12.1" quad frequency broadband echo sounder can simultaneously show 4 frequencies from within the operating range of the installed transducer (24kHz - 240kHz)

The Broadband transducer provides greatly enhanced fish detection making it easier to differentiate between the various fish species, large shoals of fish & the seabed. The result is better-targeted catches & a contribution to conservation of fish stocks.

Key Features

  • 12.1" Sunlight viewable high res display
  • A dual, triple or quad frequency simultaneous display with either a horizontal or vertical split. 
  • 24kHz - 240kHz Super Broadband frequency
  • Extremely high sensitivity & low noise
  • 3kW Power output
  • Long range detection
  • Energy saving power
  • Koden Sona-Tone
  • Compatible with Olex System
  • Interference rejection,
  • Color erase,
  • VRM,
  • Noise reduction,
  • White line,
  • Draft correct, Water temperature correct, Boat speed correct,
  • Store image (500 images), 
  • Water Temp. graph,
  • Individual range operation,
  • Individual shift operation,
  • Heaving compensation,
  • Bottom Hardness display


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